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What is "Baby Botox" also called "Light botox"?

It is a softer approach to treating lines and wrinkles with Botulinum toxin injections. Smaller amounts of rejuvenating product are injected into the muscles to limit their movement without stopping it altogether. The effect is a younger but still very expressive and natural looking face. 

What is the difference between "Baby Botox" and "Regular Botox"?

"Regular Botox" means using normal amounts of Botulinum toxin for the anti-ageing injections. "Regular botox" will give your face refreshed, rejuvenated and natural appearance. There will be a significant improvement to the look of your face (and people will notice how lovely you look) however; the changes will still be so subtle that nobody will tell you had anything done. 



When it comes to "BabyBotox" the amounts of the rejuvenating product used are smaller and the results are also more subtle. The facial expressions will be softened and lines and wrinkles reduced but not to the same extent as with regular doses of Botulinum toxin. Bear in mind that "Baby Botox" while giving you a younger, refreshed look may not remove all lines and wrinkles. "Baby Botox" allows patients to be as expressive as possible with natural facial movements, while still getting the rejuvenated look. 

baby botox delivers very subtle results, natural yet rejuvenated look
baby botox is for: younger patients, patients looking for natural look, new to anti-ageing treatments

Who is "Baby Botox" for?

  • patients new to anti-ageing injections who might be afraid of not looking natural enough after regular doses of Botulinum toxin 

  • younger patients who only need small doses

  • patients looking for "retouched" very natural look

  • patients with fine to moderate lines (for patients with deep lines it may not be suitable)

  • patients looking for a "preventative treatment" who want to limit muscles movement so that the lines and wrinkles do not appear as quickly

  • patients looking for a subtler way of maintaining results following the "regular botox" treatment

  • patients who need to retain very expressive face (e.g., actors) but who are still looking for a rejuvenated appearance

"Baby Botox" FAQs

How long will results last?
Smaller doses results don't last as long as with regular doses, however, on the plus side, the treatment is less expensive. 


Will it hurt?
Like with every injection, you may feel a little pain. However, the needle used for the injections is very fine and Dr Kamil may also use a topical anaesthetic to prevent any discomfort.


How much does "Baby Botox" cost?

Please refer to our prices page for the cost of all Botulinum toxin treatments.


Who can administer "Baby Botox" injections?
Although the amount of the product is smaller it is still a medical treatment and can only be done by a qualified medical professional. Make sure you are in good hands and find a dr, dentist or prescriber nurse with qualifications in facial aesthetic injections. 


What areas can be treated with this softer approach?
It can be used to treat the same areas on your face as the regular does.

However, this softer approach is particularly good for very delicate areas such as "crows feet" around eyes where a subtle treatment is more suitable.


You will find a lot more information including Botulinum toxin injection aftercare tips and dos and don'ts on our anti-wrinkle injections page.


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