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Damon Clear offers the same great benefits of Damon Smile System combined with beautiful aesthetics of crystal-clear invisible brackets:

Beautiful results for everyone

  • face driven approach create wide natural smiles and beautifully balanced face

  • extremely effective even in most complex cases

  • in a majority of cases, there is no need for healthy teeth removal

Quicker- deliver results 6 months faster than traditional fixed metal braces

Better comfort - Damon Braces do not require elastic or metal ties that cause friction and the feeling of pressure and are therefore more comfortable to wear 

Easier to clean - without the elastic or metal ties that attract bacteria they are easier to clean and a lot more hygienic


Damon Clear combines great performance with aesthetics of crystal-clear, virtually invisible braces.

Innovative Polycrystalline Alumina material is resistant to discolouration from tea, coffee, wine, and many other staining agents.

Smoot rounded edges make braces even more comfortable to wear. 

How is Damon Clear different from Invisalign Clear Aligners?

While both Invisaline and Damon Clear offer aesthetic, virtually invisible aplliances, not everyone is a candidate for Invisaligne treatment. Damon Clear braces on the other hand deliver remarkable results even to those patients with very complex orthodontic issues. 


*a girl on the right wears Damon Clear braces 

"I loved Damon Clear because I worked with people and they didn’t even know that I had anything on my teeth until I got close enough to them." 

- Damon Clear Patient

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Dr Kamil Miechowicz & Team

Guess who's wearing Damon Clear?

*from left: no braces, braces, braces, no braces, braces

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