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What is Inman Aligner?

Inman Aligner is a removable brace that can straighten upper or lower front teeth in a very short time. 

It is a fast, effective and affordable way to correct mild to moderate teeth misalignments.

Inman Aligner is a single brace that straightenes teeth quickly
Inman Aligner can straighten 4 upper teeth
Inman Aligner can straighten 4 lower teeth

How does Inman Aligner work?

The two opposing spring-loaded bars put very low but constant pressure onto the teeth gently pushing them into the right position.


Although the pressure is low, the whole movement happens quickly. The teeth get straight in the matter of weeks!

Key benefits of Inman Aligner:

Inman Aligner works very fast and is a cheap alternative to braces

Fast​​ - straightens your front teeth within 6-18 weeks. 

Inman Aligner is a very good value for money and you usually need just one appliance

Affordable - Inman Aligner is less expensive than other orthodontic appliances such as fixed braces.


In the majority of cases, only one appliance is needed to complete the treatment.


Please refer to our prices page for a cost of the Inman Aligner.

The aligner is very convenient as it can be removed if necessary

Removable - can be taken out when you need it e.g. for photos, special occasions or eating.​

Inman uses low pressure to move teeth into the postion

Safe and gentle - the appliance is very kind to your teeth as it uses minimally invasive, gentle pressure to move and align them.

You can remove the aligner for cleaning and it's very hygienic

Easy to clean - Inman Aligner is also a very hygienic appliance as it can be removed for cleaning and eating.

Usually dentist won't have to remove any teeth

Non-invasive - no extractions needed.

The reviews of Inman Aligner say it is almost invisible - see yourself

What are the limitations of Inman Aligner?

  • It can straighten 4 front upper or lower teeth only.

  • Not everyone is a candidate, more complex cases may have to be treated with more advanced orthodontic appliances.


  • It has to be worn for 16-20 hours a day otherwise your treatment could take longer to complete. It is ok to take the aligner out as long as it's for no longer than a few hours.

*patient wearing Inman Aligner

Who is the candidate?

  • Inman Aligner can treat a mild to moderate misalignment of the four front teeth such as crowding, protrusion, gaps, rotations or crossbites.


  • It is very often used for the treatment of orthodontic relapse. 


  • It can be a stand-alone treatment or a step before other treatments such as veneers, whitening or bonding. 

This patient left a raving review of Inman Aligner

*patient treated with Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner creates great results in a fraction of the time!

Amazing methamorphosis after using Inman Aligner

"The Inman Aligner was the best choice to quickly accomplish the task and after just a few months, my braces were off and now my teeth are much healthier and look great!"

—  Tracy Inman patient

Treatment Process

STEP 1: Initial consultation (free)

During your initial consultation, you will talk to Dr Kamil about your expectations, concerns and what you'd like to achieve with your smile. He will then determine if an Inman Aligner is right for you and may also discuss other suitable treatment methods.


STEP 2: Orthodontic assessment

If both of you decide that Inman Aligner is the best option to move forward, Dr Kamil will make impressions and take photos of your teeth. These are needed for him to carry out a full orthodontic assessment, prepare your treatment plan and later on create your own, custom-made Inman Aligner.

At this stage, you're still under no obligation to proceed with the treatment.


STEP 3: Treatment plan approval

During your follow-up appointment, Dr Kamil will present you with your personalised treatment plan including treatment costs and payment schedule. He will talk to you about the process, estimated timelines, benefits, and risks related to the treatment. 


STEP 4: Treatment

Once you approve your treatment plan, Dr Kamil will order your own, custom-made Inman Aligner and your treatment can begin. You will have to wear your aligner between 16-20 hours a day (any less than that and the treatment may take longer than initially suggested). You will be coming for regular check-ups and adjustments every 2-3 weeks.


STEP 5: Show off time!

It is time to show off your new beautiful smile!


STEP 6: Retain your new beautiful smile

After your treatment is completed, you will receive retainers. Retainers are very important. They will hold your teeth in their new position and without them, you could experience a relapse. This is a crucial step in all orthodontic treatments regardless of what appliance is used, and Inman Aligner is no exception in this respect. 

Are you dreaming of straight teeth?

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Dr Kamil Miechowicz & Team


Is it painful?

Inman Aligner uses very gentle forces to move teeth but like with every orthodontic appliance patients can feel a mild discomfort that should disappear after about a week. 


How long will the treatment take?

In most cases, the treatment takes between 6-18 weeks. However, as everyone is different your dentist will confirm your estimate treatment time. 

Will Inman Aligner affect my speech?

It may affect your speech initially. Most patients get used to and have no problems speaking with the aligner after 1-2 weeks. 


How much does it cost?

Inman Aligner is a very affordable orthodontic appliance. However, every orthodontic issue is different, and your cost may vary depending on your needs. Your dentist will confirm the final cost of your treatment in your treatment plan. Please refer to our pricing page for a guided cost. To get more detailed information about the cost of your treatment book your Free Initial Consultation today.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

Yes, it is necessary to retain your teeth in their new position. Every orthodontic treatment will require retention at the end of it.

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