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Invisalign® Open Day

Thursday 14 & 21  January 2021

Want to straighten your teeth without

the need for metal braces?

Speak to our orthodontic expert, Dr Miechowicz,

to find out if Invisalign® is for you!

  • FREE smile simulation (worth £80)

  • Up to £1000 in discounts & goodies!

  • Completely FREE & no-obligation

Limited Slots Available


From Our Patients

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Invisalign® Open Day Appointment

Limited Slots Available

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Meet Dr Kamil Miechowicz

Dr Kamil Miechowicz has over 10 years of experience in giving his patients the most beautiful smiles using the latest orthodontic techniques such as Invisalign & Damon Braces. 


He always strives to provide excellent results & great experience to his patients, from the first consultation to the moment they reveal their new smiles.


Dr Kamil is passionate about staying on the leading edge of orthodontics and invests hundreds of hours into ongoing training each year.

Dr Kamil Miechowicz


When teeth are straight, they are much easier to clean and floss.

Food and plaque are less likely to get stuck in between them, reducing the chances of plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease.


Straight teeth last longer. When your teeth are crooked your bite isn’t even. All of your biting force is on the weaker, more vulnerable parts of your teeth, leading to premature wearing. 

Straight teeth can prevent unnecessary force on the teeth and supporting bone joints, preventing headaches, facial and jaw pain, such as TMJ. 

Aligning your teeth can improve your self-esteem and happiness. A beautiful smile increases the amount you smile, which in turn leads to various health benefits, like lower stress and a higher level of life satisfaction. Straight teeth can improve confidence either in the surface or deep down within. 

Expert Smile - Dr Kamil Miechowicz

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