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Creating stunning smiles every day

Invisalign, Braces, Teeth Whitening, Composite Bonding & Facial Aesthetics

to provide the best-personalised treatment and achieve life-changing results.

Welcome to Expert Smile

Hello, I'm Dr Kamil Miechowicz, the dentist behind the Expert Smile with a passion for Orthodontics & Facial Aesthetics. I love these disciplines because of the transformational effect they have on my patients' lives. 


When working with my patients, our goal is always to create beautiful smiles and faces they will be delighted with now and for many years to come.


"It was always a pleasant experience to have my teeth checked and treated by Dr Miechowicz as he is a friendly, trustable and conscientious dentist."

—  Mariko, patient


My philosophy & my promise to you are based on the 4 core values:

Patient experience I understand that you may have many questions and I will always be there to answer them. I will explain treatment options available to you using models, pictures and presentations. I will make sure everything is clear, transparent and nothing is a surprise. I will support you and look after you during and after the treatment is completed.
Patient satisfactionYour satisfaction is most important to me. Whether you are looking for an Orthodontic or a Facial Aesthetic treatment I want you to be completely satisfied with my work and feel amazing in your own skin again.
Holistic, face driven approach - I always take the whole patient into account - the shape of your face, your profile and what you will look like into the future. This approach allows me to develop treatment plans that create both beautiful smiles and perfectly balanced, aesthetically pleasing profiles and faces.
Clinical excellenceI pride myself on delivering high quality Orthodontic and Facial Aesthetic treatments. I only use the very latest, state of the art technologies, materials and techniques because of their many advantages over traditional methods. My mission is to offer you the best available solutions so that we can achieve the best possible results for you.

If you'd like to book a Free Consultation with me please give us a call.


We'd love to meet you!

Dr Kamil Miechowicz & Team

Call us: 01803527091
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